Fancy Dinner after Collectormania Glasgow Day 1. x

"How to smile properly in every situation", a novel by TC Callahan.


to all the young babies who follow me:

hello you precious angels listen to your wise old fandom grandma and don’t ask celebrities about your otp or fanfiction or fandom in general trust me babies when you are a few years older you will not regret heeding my words and will thank me for averting that massive amount of embarrassment

You have magic?!

Guinevere Fest | Day 3: Favourite Outfit

Recording The Confessions of Dorian Gray S3 (x)


Eoin Macken just followed us, retweeted us and reply us on the fansite’s twitter account we have about him and also he promoted our website… suchasugarcube and me are so happy right now… we just can’t believe it ♥ *he such a beautiful human being*

It doesn’t change anything.

The things that scare us today
What if they happen someday
Don’t let me out of your arms


get to know me meme -[1/10] current celebrity crushes

colin morgan